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Distance Learning Course for Intensive Preparation of the CAHIMS/CPHIMS Exam

Course Director and Instructor: Prof. Dr. Renato M.E. Sabbatini, PhD, FIAHSI, FACMI


To provide an on-line training for the purpose of preparation for the qualification examination for the Certified Professional of Health Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) or the Certified Associate in Health Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) by the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). The course will be taught using an LMS (Learning Management System) and videoconference platform from Sabbatini Consulting and Education Academy.

Eligibity for CAHIMS and CPHIMS certification includes previous experience on information and management systems, which includes work in the following areas: systems analysis; design; selection, implementation, support, and maintenance; testing and evaluation; privacy and security; information systems; clinical informatics; management engineering.

  • Lectures: 15h
  • Recorded video-classes: 10h
  • Self-study: 30h
  • Assessment tests: 5h
  • Final review class 2h
  • Total: 62h
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Program Content

The course will consist of 10 weekly modules, covering all content specified by the CAHIMS and CPHIMS examinations:

  1. Healthcare Environment
  2. Technology Environment
  3. Systems Analysis
  4. Systems Design
  5. Systems Selection, Implementation, Support, and Maintenance
  6. Testing and Evaluation
  7. Privacy and Security
  8. Administration Leadership
  9. Administration Management
  10. Final Review and Exam TIps
Click or touch here for a sample of a study module in the course.

Teaching and Learning Methodology
The course lasts 10 successive weeks and will consist of the following activities:

  • Each week will begin with an individual self-assessment, in which the student's existing knowledge is marked in an online questionnaire and made available to the students and teachers;
  • Telepresence classes introductory to the study module of the week, transmitted through webvideoconference, during which will be made a summary of the subject to be studied and given the study tips students should follow. The classes will be in Portuguese and will be recorded, as well as the slides made available for review by the students.
  • Recorded classes: some additional classes, consisting of slides with narrated audio, will be available on the support platform, which students can watch at any time along the course.
  • Targeted study: Students during the week should read the recommended materials for that week, as well as visit links on the Web, and made available on the support LMS platform. All reading materials will be in English and some of them must be purchased separately.
  • Tutoring: students will be personally followed by the teacher as to their progress and performance in the course and will be advised individually or in a group
  • Questions and Answers Forum: an asynchronous resource for students to communicate among themselves and with the teachers to solve doubts and questions related to the subject
  • Student journal: an online resource that the student should use to write down his/her weekly study progress, and mark what he/she has been able to read and review, on the platform. Teachers will have exclusive access to these notes
  • Self-assessment learning tests: Students will be responded to by the platform through the platform, which will receive immediate feedback
  • Final evaluation meeting in ttelepresence, in which tips on how to respond to the test with efficiency, final discussion of pending topics, etc., in addition to a final simulated test, with the same conditions to be faced by the students in the real exam.
Students should ideally scheduled themselves to take the CAHIMS or CPHIMS qualification test within a maximum of one month after completing the course in order to keep the acquired knowledge alive, which maximizes the result.

Simulated Tests

Click here to magnifyBesides 20 selected multiple choice questions per module (in a total of 200) that all students are required to perform, there are three other three available simulated tests in real conditions (with time limit egual to that of the CPHIMS Exam) for the participant to train his/her skills and knowledge and evaluate what will be the chances to pass the real exam.

To our knowledge, this is the only course in the market to have these simulated tests, with more than 500 questions drawn from the CPHIMS exams and literature. The testing environment and function are almost identical to CPHIM's one and all quizzes are in English.

Click or touch here to evaluate your CPHIMS readiness by taking this sample quiz!

All materials, tests, recorded classes, etc., will be in English. It is pre-requisite to participate in this course the English language command reading, at technical and intermediate level.

Support Site

Click to magnifyA web site will be made available on the LMS of the Sabbatini Education (Moodle), to which students will have exclusive access throughout the course of preparation, through a login and password. This site will include:

  • Study guides for each module
  • Telepresence and recorded lessons slides
  • Knowledge gap assessment
  • Interactive learning assessment tests with questions taken from the basic book and past examinations, with more than 400 tests
  • Bibliography and recommended online resources
  • Links to Internet resources and on-line supplementary courses.
  • Links for on-line CPHIMS study groups
  • Additional online texts for reading
  • Lessons recorded with slides and audio (in English) to complement learning
  • Webforum for questions and questions
  • Mentorship sessions with Dr. Sabbatini
  • Student Progress Diary


  • CPHIMS Review Guide 3rd Edition: All students should have access to a complete copy of this book as it is the essential study resource
  • CAHIMS Review Guide 1st Edition - idem
  • CPHIMS Secrets Study Guide
  • CPHIMS Flashcard Study System
  • Biomedical Informatics (Shortliffe and Cimino)
  • Provided with the course:
    • CPHIMS Learning Plan
    • CPHIMS Candidate Manual
    • CPHIMS Knowledge Gap Tests 
    • CPHIMS Frequently Asked Questions
    • HEALTHIT The Health Information Technology Playbook
    • AMA Digital Health Implementation Playbook
    • Glossary of Health Information Technology
    • CPHIMS Exam Readiness Checklist
    • CPHIMS Practice Exam
    • Wikipedia Handbook of Biomedical Informatics  
  • Many other on-line texts for study (recommended HIMSS Bibliography)


This course doesn't include the fees and procedures for registration and payment for CAHIMS or CPHIMS examination sittings, and Sabbatini Consulting & Education doesn't act as an intermediary. Please consult the HIMSS sites for more information about submission, fees, exam sittings chronograms and locales, etc.

For detailed information on eligibility requirements, see the CPHIMS Candidate Handbook or the CAHIMS Candidate Handbook.

Applications for the CAHIMS or CPHIMS Exam can be submitted here.

Candidates should verify carefully the corresponding eligibility requirements. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility, and candidates will be contacted with next steps. Certification exams are administered at select testing centers and HIMSS events, and candidates receive their results before leaving. All candidates must apply and receive an Eligibility ID# before making a test reservation.

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete the course with the minimum score will receive an International Certificate of Completion in English, with specification of the hourly load and list of contents.


Renato Sabbatini PhotoProf.Dr. Renato Marcos Endrizzi Sabbatini, PhD, CPHIMS, FIAHSI, FACMI


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